Burqa Ban in India Can Stop Terrorism?

Shiv Sena, a regional political party of India called for a ban on the use of burqa for National Security. The Hindu Sena has written a letter to the Home Ministry in the wake of the Sri Lankan Easter terror attacks. The letter was directed to the Rajiv Gauba, Home Secretary by Shiv Sena national president Vishnu Gupta. The message demanded a complete ban on wearing the abaya and hijab, niqab and burqa that covers face at the social places.

The letter claims that in general burqa is not at all concerned with the Muslim religion but only a practice of Arab nations who follow them as per their climatic condition. This is their blind faith of religious attire of Indian Muslims about the burqa. The words go like this in the letter through Saamana, “Burqa and niqab are not religious attires for India. They are banned all over the world. If some people relate it to religion and Islam in India, then they must not have read the Quran. They should read it properly”.

The appeal takes up the inclusions of different nations like New Zealand, France, Australia and the UK regarding the clothing that cover the face. In emergency times when there are anti-national activities in the countries, even the Muslim countries like Turkey has banned Burqas for women and beards for men. It questions why our nation couldn’t do so while sighting the rising terror attacks within us and our neighboring country.

It utters the intelligence failures through these things can lead to panic situations in the country. It probes why our own country failed to take such steps to ban the burqa. The conclusion of the letter deals with a brainstorming question for our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi cautioning the national security our country using the most recent terror attack of srilanka on Easter Eve. The question in literal terms is “when will what has happened in “Ravan’s Lanka” (Sri Lanka) will happen in “Ram’s Ayodhya” (India)?”

However, many opposed the Burqa ban in India, which denies the sentiments and practices of various people. RamdasAthawale, Union minister of the Republican Party of India has rejected Sena’s proposal saying, “Not all Muslim women who wear the Burqa are terrorists. It is a tradition and they have the right to wear it. There shouldn’t be a ban on the Burqa in India“.

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