Prospective law professionals are the backbone for successful legal systems. There are various Law specializations where each one of it has each one has its own distinct function. Every branch of Law is beneficial for the world and society and gives immense satisfaction for the practitioners of Law to deliver their duties and roles. The challenging dynamic and innovative nature of these specializations grabs the attention of many in this technological era.

There are vivid specializations in the framework of Law, which are challenging like International Law, International Business Law, Legal Research, Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Mediation, Criminal Law, and Criminology. Other branches like Environmental Law, Commercial Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Medical Law, Interdisciplinary Law, Legal Studies, Financial Law, and Tax Law are innovative.  Economic Law, Administrative Law, Law and Regulation, Banking Law, Policy, Human Rights Law, Civil Rights Law, Public Interest Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Practice, Comparative Law are common law disciplines of public interest. Let us discuss a few of them now.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law is a most tough and challenging career which deals with offences against society or state. This is extremely exciting branch, which involves creative thought process and typical ideasbut it is a tedious and complicated branch of law. You need to interrogate, cross-examine, and research forensic reports, post-mortem reports along with conducting trials and correlating findings. You need to be sharp and attentive in this law field.

Civil Rights Law

Civil rights law deals with civil issues, private rights of people and even the fundamental rights. This law aims at prohibition of discrimination among the civilians. In this field, most of the cases are regarding employment, racial issues, education and voting that vindicate their rights. This law has a great concern for breaching like breach of wills, deeds, contracts, marriage issues etc.

Real Estate & Property Law

Real Estate Law or Real property law in simple terms covers legal disciplines of land and the buildings on it. This specialization graduates help clients buy, rent or sell a home or apartment or a residential or commercial properties. Fair housing issues, land-use regulations, drawing up legal documents and dispute resolution are the main core working areas of this Law.

International Business Law

It is a good choice for attorneys to have because of a promising career either in India or abroad. International business and trade are the core areas of work in this specialization where you will deal with arbitration, contracts and many other issues.

Tax & Banking Law

Attorneys who practice Tax and Banking law specialization help their clients on issues and deeds in income tax, other taxes and everything under the banking sector. Generally, the companies, banks hire a Banking Law specialist to deal with financial matters. Financial Law, Tax Law generally comes under Economic Law

Human Rights Law

There is a way high injustice around the world and we need to strive for its end. Human Rights Law specialization degree bearer will deal this main part of the problem of the society. This specialization focus on international treaties and fundamental rights of people. If you go with this specialization, you will have a chance to get into international foundations, international courts and human rights organizations.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law revolves around Law and Regulation, Banking Law and Policy. This specialization gives you foundation for modern legal systems. Constitutional and Statutory legal departments, national security law are to be covered in this Administrative Law. A public administrator or civil service administrator Administrative Law specialization officers, which we can see every day. People with this specialization can go with different roles like Administrative officer, legal advisor, charity officer, hearing officer, housing officer, social research officer etc. in government agencies or social service agencies.

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